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10/20/16,  We played under the threat of rain tonight, but the rain held off long enough for us to complete the match.  We split the matches with the Byrkit Team winning Courts 2 & 3, while the Loyless/Ferrone Team won Courts 1 & 4.

Court 1 – Marlie Ridley & Mike Horn were both subs for the Byrkit Team.  They were defeated by Alex Loyless & Kelly Priestley of the Loyless/Ferrone Team 0-6, 1-6.

Court 2 – The Byrkit Team’s Laurie Jones & Rusty Woody defeated Richard Cross and Deb Sciarretta (Sub) of the Loyless/Ferrone Team 7-5, 6-3 in a lengthy and well played match.    

Court 3 – Barb Eidenmuller (Sub) & Rick Meckstroth of the Byrkit Team were victorious over Terry Pearcy & Dave Gallelli of the Loyless/Ferrone Team.  Scores were 6-2, 6-4.

Court 4 – The Byrkit Team’s Riley Woody & Larry Byrkit were defeated by the Loyless/Ferrone Team’s Debra London & Steve Ferrone.  The Byrkit Team won the 1st Set 6-2, but lost the 2nd Set 0-6.  The Loyless/Ferrone Team won the 3rd Set Tiebreaker 5-10.

Many thanks to all of the subs tonight representing both teams.   


10/18/16, Fall is the perfect time for tennis; another beautiful night!  We split the matches tonight with the Byrkit Team winning Courts 1 & 2, while the Wright Team was the winner on Courts 3 & 4.

Court 1 – Kim & Rusty Woody of the Byrkit Team defeated Scott Levin & Marlie Ridley of the Wright Team.  Scores were 6-3, 6-1. 

Court 2 – The Byrkit Team’s Laurie Jones & Rick Meckstroth won over Judy Anderson (Sub) & Jim Doyle of the Wright Team; 6-3, 6-3. 

Court 3 – Deb Sciarretta (Sub) & Mike Cleverdon of the Wright Team won the 1st Set 2-6.  Marcia Meckstroth & Larry Byrkit of the Byrkit Team won the 2nd Set 6-2.  The Wright Team ended up victorious winning the 3rd Set Tiebreaker 6-10.

Court 4 – Riley Woody & Bill Garrett of the Byrkit Team were defeated by Kathy Porcello & Steve Ferrone (Sub) of the Wright Team.  Scores were 2-6, 4-6.

Many thanks to those who were subs tonight representing the Wright Team.   

TLTA   USTA PRO Circuit in Knoxville, TN  Racket
The Helen Ross McNabb Center is thrilled to host the Knoxville Challenger, a six day professional tennis event, to the Knoxville community on November 8-13, 2016.  The Challenger series is part of the USTA Pro Circuit series, which is designed to provide opportunities to aspiring young American professional tennis players to advance to the top levels of the game.

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Tennis needs YOU to make the TLTA strong!
3 year term
monthly meetings (one hour long)
coordination/support of various TLTA activities
Leagues, tournaments, socials - 2016 has been a dynamic year for TLTA with even more planned for 2017!  Board members serve for a three year term with members cycling off to be replaced by new members.  Rick Meckstroth will be leaving this year - thank you, Rick, for your time and talent.  We need to fill our board with up to nine members.  As an active member of TLTA, your contribution to the organization is crucial!

2016 board members:

Larry Byrkit, president
Steve Ferrone, vice-president
Jack Wright, treasurer
Janet Reed, secretary
Kelly Priestley
Alex Loyless
Reply to this email or contact Larry Byrkit ( or
Jack Wright ( with your interest to participate.
TLTA Board
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10/13/16, Again it was a beautiful night for tennis. Clear sky and no breeze. There was a good crowd watching the matches.  Tonight’s match pitted team # 1 Ferrone & Loyless vs team # 2 Larry Byrkit.

On court # 1 Alex Loyless & Kelly Priestly ( team Ferrone & Loyless ) vs Colleen Marley & Rick Meckstroth.  This match was one to see. The all four players were outstanding. The shots were unbelievable.  Alex & Kelly managed to win in straight sets 6-2 & 7-5.

On court # 2 team 1 had Randy Hooker & Janie Ehmig vs Henry Beatty & Sud Barbara Eidenmuller.  Although the score didn't reflect it, this match was very competitive. Randy and Janie won 6-1 & 6-2.

On court # 3 team # 1 had Terry Pearcy & Richard Cross vs Marsha Meckstroth & Bill Garrett.  Team # 1 won in straight sets 6-0 & 6-1.

On court # 4 team 1 had Dave Gallelli & Debra London vs Geir Worsted & Dori McFarland. This match was also very competitive and fun to watch. Team # 1 won 7-5 & 6-3.

Team # 1 ( Ferrone & Loyless ) won all 4 courts tonight. 

I want to thank the subs tonight.


10/11/16, It might have been cool in the stands for tonights match with Team # 1 Ferrone / Loyless vs Team # 3 Jack Wright, but the courts were hot with all the great matches and plays.

On court # 1 Team # 1 consisted of Dave Case & Kelly Priestly vs Team # 3 Dawn Peltzer & Jim Doyle. This was very exciting but team # 1 won 6-4 & 6-2
On court # 2 team # 1 had Randy Hooker & Sub Judy Anderson vs Mark Sodemann & sub Marley Ridley. The rallies seemed to go on and on. Team # 3 lost the first set 7-5 than team # 3 came back and won the second set 6-2. The third set tie breaker went to team # 3.
On court # 3 team 1 had Larry Burkholder & Terry Pearcy vs Alice Gaskin & Mike Cleverdon. This was also a fun match to watch. Both teams gave their best and Team # 1 prevailed in straight sets 7-5 & 6-3.
On court # 4 team# 1 had Steve & Marsha Standridge vs Terry Bannon & Pat Meiers. As you may recall from last week the four of them went to a third set tie breaker 14-12. Well this week they managed to play another great and long match. Team # 1 managed to win 7-6 & 6-4. This match lasted over 2 1/2 hrs. 

10/06/16, Boy is it a great time to play tennis in October and in the evening.  Such was the weather last night.   Home Team Wright played Team Byrkit.

Court 1, Team Wright defaulted to Team Byrkit due to injuries.

Court 2, Team Wright Dawn Peltzer and Mark Sodemann played Team Byrkit Pana Degooyer and Rick Meckstroth.  Team Wright players took had the lead in the first set but Team Byrkit mounted a strong come back and won 5-7. Team Byrkit then took the second set 0-6.

Court 3, Team Wright Janet Reed and Mike Cleverdon played Team Byrkit Judy Anderson and Larry Byrkit.   Court 3 featured a very competitive match with Team Byrkit winning 4-6, 4-6

Court 4, Team Wright Kathy Porcello and Terry Bannon played Team Byrkit Ridley Woody and Bill Garrett.   Team Wright over-powered Team Byrkit and won 6-2, 6-3.


10/04/16, Boy is it a great time to play tennis in October and in the evening. Such was the weather last night. Not so good for Team Wright.

Home Team Wright played Team Loyless/Ferrone.

Court 1:  Team Wright Maria Grimm and Scott Levin played Team Loyless/Ferrone Kelly Priestly and Alex Loyless.

While Team Wright players were competitive they just couldn’t get the best of Team.  Loyless/Ferrone and lost 0-6, 3-6

Court 2: Team Wright Judy Anderson and Mark Sodemann played Team Loyless/Ferrone Janie Ehmig and Randy Hooker.

Team Wright players took Team Loyless/Ferrone to the limit and the match featured a number of extremely long rallies. But in the end Team Loyless/Ferrone won 2-6, 3-6.

Court 3:  Team Wright Alyce Gaston and Ned Miller played Team Loyless/Ferrone Terry Pearcy and Richard Cross.

Court 3 featured the first of two match tie breakers. In the first set Team Wright dominated and won 6-2. In the second set Team Loyless/Ferrone turned the table and won 3-6. In the 10 Point tie breaker Team Loyless/Ferrone won the tie breaker and match 5-10.

Court 4:  Team Wright Pat Meiers and Terry Bannon played Team Loyless/Ferrone Marsha Standridge and Steve Standridge.  Court 4 featured the second of two match tie breakers. In the first set Team Wright dominated and won 6-2. In the second set Team Loyless/Ferrone changed strategy and won 2-6.  In the 10 Point tie breaker the teams both missed opportunities to close out the match early but in the end the tiebreaker went to 12-14 with Team Loyless/Ferrone winning.


09/29/16, Byrkit Team 2 hosts the Loyless/Ferrone Team

It was perfect weather at 70 degrees for a beautiful evening of tennis!  But it was a tough evening for the Byrkit Team 2 who lost Courts 1, 2, and 3.

Court 1 – Colleen Marley and Rick Meckstroth of the Byrkit Team were defeated by Alex Loyless and Kelly Priestley of the Loyless/Ferrone Team 3-6, 2-6. 

Court 2 – The Byrkit Team’s Marcia Meckstroth & Larry Byrkit were defeated by Janie Ehmig and Randy Hooker of the Loyless/Ferrone Team 4-6, 3-6. 

Court 3 – Cathy Lewis was a sub on the Byrkit Team and she partnered with Henry Beatty against Terry Pearcy and Larry Burkholder of the Loyless/Ferrone Team.  The Byrkit Team lost 3-6, 2-6.

Court 4 – Janet Reed was a sub for the Byrkit Team and she partnered with John Del Colle.  The Byrkit Team won Court 4 by default.  Dave Gallelli was the only player present to represent the Loyless/Ferrone Team, so they forfeited the court with a score of 6-0, 6-0.

Many thanks to Janet Reed and Cathy Lewis for playing as subs to represent the Byrkit Team!  


9/27/16,  Byrkit Team #2 hosts the Wright Team #

It was a beautiful fall evening for tennis!

Court 1 – Kim Woody and Rick Meckstroth of the Byrkit Team defeated Scott Levine and Maria Grimm of the Wright Team.  Kim & Rick lost the 1st Set 3-6.  They won the 2nd Set 6-1 and won the 3rd Set 10-Pt Tiebreaker 10-7.  This was an entertaining match to watch; there were some great points played by both teams.

Court 2 – The Byrkit Team’s Laurie Jones and Charlie Sigerseth were defeated by the Wright Team’s Jim Doyle and Judy Anderson in straight sets, 1-6, 5-7. 

Court 3 – Marcia Meckstroth and Bill Garrett of the Byrkit Team defeated Alyce Gaston and Mike Cleverdon of the Wright Team 6-2, 6-4.

Court 4 – Byrkit’s Riley Woody and Henry Beatty were defeated by Wright’s Kathy Porcello and Jack Wright 2-6, 5-7.

The evening ended with each team winning 2 Courts!  


9/22/16, It was a perfect night for tennis. the weather was great with low humidity.

Team 1  (Loyless & Ferrone) went up against Team 3 (Jack Wright)

Court 1 had Team 1 consisting of Alex Loyless & Kelly Priestlly Vs Team 3 of Jim Doyle & Marley Ridley Team 1 won 6-1 & 6-2

Court 2 had Team 1 Randy Hooker & Janie Ehmig Vs Team 3 of Mike Horn & Sub Judy Anderson Team 1 won 6-2 & 6-4

Court 3 had Team 1 Richard Cross & Terry Pearcy Vs Team 3 of Mark Sodemann & Dawn Peltzer  Team 3 won 6-3 & 6-4

Court 4 had Team 1 Steve Ferrone & sub Riley Woody Vs Team 3 of Ned Miller & Pat Meiers team 3 won 6-3, 5-7 and won the third set tie breaker 10-8

I want to thank Judy Anderson & Riley Woody for subbing tonight.


9/20/16 It was a beautiful night for the beginning of the Fall Mixed Doubles. The weather was perfect.

Court #1 had team # 1 David Case & Kelly Priestly against team # 2 Kim & Rusty Woody. Team 1 was up 1-0 when Rusty Woody injured his left leg. Unfortunately Rusty was unable to continue. Our thoughts and prayers are with Rusty and the injury was not as bad as it looked. Get well soon Rusty.

Court # 2 had team # 1 Randy Hooker & Janie Ehmig against team # 2 Rick Meckstroth & Laurie Jones. It was a tough match and team # 2 won in straight sets 6-4 & 6-2.

Court # 3 had team # 1 Terry Pearcy & Larry Burkholder against team 2 of Marsha Meckstroth & Henry Beatty. Team # 1 won 6-3 & 6-1.

Court # 4 had team # 1 of Marsha & Steve Standridge against the team  2 Riley Woody & Bill Garrett. This was also a good match. Team # 1 won 6-2 & 6-4.




Womens  4.0 Marlie Ridley/Coleen Marley

Womens 3.5 Kelly Priestly/Dori McFarland

Mens .4.0 Scott Levin/Alex Loyless

Mens 3.5 Mike Cleverdon/Dave Gallelli





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