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TLTA 2017 J. Jorgensen Doubles Tournament Results
Level 7.0 court:
The winners were Mark Sodemann and Kirk Eidenmuller.  This match went to a third set tiebreak and was a great one to watch.
Mark and Kirk defeated Steve Ferrone and Rich Cross 4-6, 7-5, 1-0.
Level 8.0 court:
The winners were Jim Doyel and Trips Dawson.  This was a very good competition.  All teams won one game and lost one game, so the winner was based on most games won.  (The format for play among these three teams was a set to 8 games, win by 2, with a tiebreak at 8-8, if needed.)
Jim Doyel and Trips Dawson defeated Bruno Barbaro and Todd Lower 8-4.
Scott Levin and Alex Loyless defeated Jim Doyel and Trips Dawson 8-5.
Bruno Barbaro and Todd Lower defeated Scott Levin and Alex Loyless 8-3.
Jim and Trips were the winners with 13 games won.

TLTA2017M7Level 7.0 court:  The winners were Mark Sodemann and Kirk Eidenmuller

TLTA2017M8Level 8.0 court:  The winners were Jim Doyel and Trips Dawson


Summer, 2017 TLTA League Scores

Thursday, 8/10/2017:   The final match was played last evening.

Team Ehmig and Ferrone (home) took 2 courts to Bannon and Hooker's 1. The weather was nice, but a little humid after all the rain earlier.
On Court # 1 -  Played with Scott Levine and Bruno Barbaro (both subs for Ehmig) vs Alex Joyless and Kelly Priestly. Alex and Kelly won in a 3rd set tiebreaker 4-6, 6-0, 10-5. This was a great match to watch.
On Court # 2 -  Played with Charlie Signer and Janie Ehmig vs Mark Sodeman and Terry Pearcy. Charlie and Janie won in a tough battle 6-4, 6-4.
On Court # 3 -  Played with Brad Barbaree and Riley Woody vs Bart Brody and Pat Meiers. Brad and Riley won 6-4, 6-4 in another hard fought match.
It was a great summer season!

Tuesday, 8/8/2017:   Team 1 outlasted Team 2 (Home) again but the play was great and included 2 new 1st time players this season.

On Court # 1 -  Team 1's Janie Ehmig and (sub) Rich Cross battled Team 2's Terry Pearcy and (sub) Bruno Barbara with Janie & Rich winning 6-4 and 6-3.  All play was worthy of court 1 action and skill!

On Court # 2 -  Team 1's Sonja Page and Rusty Woody won the 1st set 7-5 against Team 2's (1st time sub) Sheri Balko (Larry Byrkit's daughter) and Mark Sodemann.  But, Sheri and Mark fought back to take the 2nd set 6-2 with 1 game lasting more than 20 minutes. Sonja and Rusty finally pulled out the 3rd set tie breaker in a 12-10 squeaker.

On Court # 3 -  Team 1's Riley Woody and Steve Ferr1 were able to best Team 2's Debra London and (sub) Larry Byrkit 7-5 and 6-2 getting through a lot of deuces.

Great and cordial play by all!

Thursday, 8/3/2017:   Tonight we played our 10th match. The temperature was warm, but that is expected for August. It was also a great night to watch the matches. All the matches were exciting with long rallies and unbelievable shots. Team 1 Janie Ehmig & Steve Ferrone (Home) won 2 out of the 3 matches. 

On Court # 1 -  We had Colleen Marley & Rusty Woody vs Alex Loyless & Randy Hooker. This match was won by Alex & Randy 6-3 & 6-2. This match was one of the best matches of the year to watch. It had fabulous shots & rallies. 
On Court # 2 -  We had Sub Judy Anderson & Steve Ferrone vs Mark Sodemann & Terry Pearcy. This match was fun to play. We had very long rallies and great shots. The 1st set Steve & Judy won 6-2 The 2nd set Mark & Terry won 6-2 It went down to a 3rd set tie breaker. Steve & Judy squeeked out the tie breaker. 
On Court # 3 -  We had Charlie Sigerseth & Sonja Paige vs Pat Meiers & Bart Brody. Charlie & Sonja won in straight sets. 6-0 7-6.
Thanks to Judy for subbing.

Tuesday, 8/1/2017:  (Rain makeup for 6/29):  The summer heat eased up a bit this evening, but it was still tough out there for the home team of Bannon/Hooker.  Team I (Ferrone / Ehmig) took all three matches tonight despite the best efforts of the Team II players.

On Court # 1 -  Featured Randy Hooker and Kelly Priestly vs Steve Ferrone and Kim Woody.  The first set went to Team I in a tie-breaker. (6-7)  In set two, Randy and Kelly played well and it paid off for a 6-2 second set score.  Kim and Steve were able to increase the intensity for the 3rd set tie-breaker and the overall match win with a 10-4 score.

On Court # 2 -  The teams of Terry P and Terry B played against Laurie Jones and Rick Meckstroth.  Almost every game went to deuce, but Rick and Laurie just played too well tonight and won the match 2-6 and 4-6.

On Court # 3 -  Pitted Dave Gallelli and Debra London against Brad Barberee and Riley Woody.  Brad and Riley out-scored Team II 1-6 in the first set.  Dave and Debra were determined not to go down without a fight and played a close second set.  Eventually Team I won the second set 4-6 and took the overall match win.

Thank you to all the players and spectators who came out for tonight’s matches.  It was nice to hear encouragement coming from the stands during critical points.

Thursday, 7/27/2017:  Great play by all!  Team 2 (Home), Bannon & Hooker, vs Team 1, Ehmig & Ferrone.

On Court # 1 -  Team one's Colleen Marley (sub) and Rusty Woody took the 1st set 6-2 and Team two's Kim Woody (sub) and Alex Loyless took the 2nd set 7-5.  Both teams really fought hard until 9:15 PM in the 3rd set tie-break with team 2 wining the break and match 10-5.
On Court # 2 - The fight was on again when Team two's Terry Pearcy and Mark Sodemann took the 1st set 6-3.  But Team one's Laurie Jones and Steve Ferrone fought back winning the 2nd set 6-2 and also winning the tie breaker and the match 10-5.
On Court # 3 - Team one's Riley Woody and Brad Barbree fought hard to maintain an edge and win 6-3 and 6-4 over Team two's Pat Meiers and Bart Brody.
I really enjoyed watching all of the matches!

Tuesday, 7/25/2017:  Tonight we played an exciting match against Terry Bannon & Randy Hooker's team (Home), Team 2. The temperature was very hot, humid, clear with no wind anywhere. 

On Court # 1 - Team Ehmig & Ferrone had Janie Ehmig & Rusty Woody vs Randy Hooker & Sub Kim Woody. This match was close and down to the wire. Janie & Rusty won 6-3 & 6-4.
On Court # 2 - We had Rick Meckstroth & Laurie Jones vs Mark Sodemann & Sub Kelly Priestly. This match was unbelievable. The shots & rallies were the best that I have seen this year. Rick & Laurie won the first set 6-2 Kelly & Mark won the second set 7-6 & Rick & Laurie won the close third set tie breaker. 
On Court # 3 - We had Riley Woody & Charley Sigerseth vs Terry Bannon & Debra London. This match was also a very close one. Terra-Cotta & Debra won 6-4 & 6-3. 
Congrats to all for a very entertaining  evening. 

Thursday, 7/20/2017:  The heat got to our Team 2 (Home) and Team 1 got three wins.

On Court # 1 - Jane Smith pulled a muscle early in the first set and could not continue to play on court one.  Although Randy Hooker (stepping in for Jane) and Alex Loyless did well, Team 1's Colleen Marley and Steve Ferrone got the win by forfeit.  We wish Jane a speedy recovery as Team 2 is now down to a 3.5 and two 3.0 women.


On Court # 2 - Terry Pearcy and Mark Sodemann played very well, winning the first set 7-6 but, Team 1's Janie Ehmig and Rick Meckstroth won the 2nd set 7-5 and the match tie breaker 10-4.


On Court # 3 - Pat Meiers and Dave Gallelli started strong but, Team 1's Pana Degooyer and Brad Barbree ended up taking both sets 6-4 and 6-1.


I thank all players for confirming their attendence before this Thursday match began!

Tuesday, 7/18/2017  (Rain makeup for 6/22):  Team one, Ehmig & Ferrone (Home) vs Team 2, Bannon & Hooker.  Team one won 2 of the 3 matches Tuesday evening.

On Court # 1 - Team one's Dave Case and Kelly Priestly (sub) won a hard-fought match 6-3 and 7-6 over Team two's Jane Smith and Mark Sodemann.
On Court # 2 - Team one's Rusty Woody and Sonja Page (sub) won 6-3 and 6-3 over Team two's Terry Perarcy and Randy Hooker although, most games went to duce.
On Court # 3 - Team two's Debra London and Richard Cross (sub) won 6-4 and 6-3 over Team one's Steve Ferrone and Riley Woody in another hot contest.
Fun for all!

Thursday, 7/13/2017:  Tonight Team Ehmig & Ferrone (home) played Team Bannon & Hooker;  we played under clear skies, very humid and very hot conditions. It was another great night for tennis. 

On Court # 1 - Team Ehmig / Ferrone had Dave Case & Janie Ehmig vs Team Bannon / Hooker's Alex Loyless & Sub Kelly Priestly. Alex & Kelly won 6-3 & 6-2. Congrats to you.
On Court # 2 - Team Ehmig / Ferrone had Rick Meckstroth & Sub Pana Degooyer vs Randy Hooker & Debra London. even though the scores didn't reflect it, it was a very good and exciting match Rick & Pana won 6-2 & 6-0.
On Court # 3 - This was also a very close and exciting match. Team Ehmig & Ferrone had Sonja Paige & Brad Barbee vs Pat Meiers & Bart Brody. This match went down to the wire, 3-6 & 7-6.   Sonja & Brad won the 1-0 tie breaker.
I want to thank all that played I enjoyed all the matches as a spectator.

Thursday, 7/11/2017:   Tonight, Team Ehmig & Ferrone (Away) played Team Bannon & Hooker (Home).  It was a little warm, but with the evening's shade and no rain, it made for a fun night of tennis!

On Court # 1 - Colleen Marley / Rusty Woody vs  Kim Woody / Mark Sodemann. This match was well played and and came down to the wire in a third set tie-breaker. Team Ehmig / Ferrone won, 6-4, 0-6 and 10-8 in the Tie-breaker.
On Court # 2 -  Janie Ehmig / Steve Ferrone vs Randy Hooker / Terry Pearcy.  Janie and Steve played very strong this evening. They won in straight sets  6-2 & 6-0
On Court  # 3 - Riley Woody / Charlie Sigerseth vs Debra London / Terry Bannon.  This match was close through the middle of the second set.  Debra and Terry won 6-4 & 6-3
Thanks to all the regular and substitute players for another enjoyable night of doubles!

Tuesday, 7/6/2017:   Tonight Team Ehmig & Ferrone (home) played Team Bannon & Hooker. It was a little humid but still a good night for tennis. 

On Court # 1 - Team Ehmig / Ferrone vs Bannon / Hooker. This match was very exciting and came down to a third set tie-breaker. Team Ehmig / Ferrone won, 2-6 6-3 1-0.
On Court # 2 - Home team Rick Meckstroth & Sub Deb Sciarretta vs Mark Sodemann & Terry Pearcy. This was also a great match to watch. We won the 1st set 6-1, lost the 2nd 3-6, then lost the 3rd set tie-breaker.
On Court  # 3 - Team Ferrone / Ehmig had to forfeit the match because we were short a player. Congrats to Dave Gallelli & Pat Meiers.

Thursday, 6/29/2017:  Rained out.

Tuesday, 6/27/2017:  Tonight Team Ehmig & Ferrone (home) played Team Bannon & Hooker.  It was a great night for tennis. There was very little wind and a clear night.

On Court # 1 -  Team Ehmig & Ferrone consisted of Janie Ehmig & Rusty Woody vs Randy Hooker & Jane Smith. This was a fabulous match to watch. Great rallies and shot making. Janie & Rusty won a very close match 6-4 & 7-6.
On Court # 2 - Team Ehmig & Ferrone had Rick Meckstroth & Sub Judy Anderson vs Mark Sodemann & Terry Pearcy. This match  was also a great one to see. Rick & Judy won a close one 6-3 & 6-3.
On Court # 3 - Team Ehmig & Ferrone had Charlie SIgerseth & Riley Woody vs Pat Meiers & Sub Jack Wright. Charlie & Riley won in straight sets 6-2 & 6-1.
Team Ehmig & Ferrone won all 3 courts. I would like to thank all the players tonight for a great night of tennis. 

Thursday, 6/22/2017:  Rained out.



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