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Spring, 2018 TLTA League Scores

Tuesday, 3/13/2018:  Team 1 Captains Meckstroth/Gallelli (home) against Team 2, Jack Wright.

Court 1 - Home team 1 Scott Levin and Maria Grimm struggled against a strong opposition from Jack Wright's team 2 Bruno Barbaro and Kelly Priestley.  Final score was a strong win for team 2, 6-2, 6-1.  
Court 2 - Team 1's Chris Gerkin and Rick Meckstroth were beaten by Janie Ehmig and Jim Doyel 4-6, 4-6. 
Court 3 - Team 1's Judy and Tom Gibbons beat Dave and Trica Hixon, 6-4, 6-4.
Court 4 - Team 1's Laura Champagney and Brad Barberee lost the first set to team 2 Jack Wright and Marsha Standridge 3-6, but team 1 won the second set 6-4.  Team 2 won the tie breaker and won the match.


Thursday, 3/15/2018:  Team 1 Captains Meckstroth/Gallelli (home)  against Team 3, Pana Degooyer/Collen Marley.

Court 1 - Home team 1 Debbie Cumbow and Richard Cross won the first set 6-2.  But in the second set Team 3 Pana Degooyer and Mark Sodermann won 6-4.  The subsequent tie breaker was very close, with Pana and Mark winning it, 11-9, to win the court match.   

Court 2 - Team 1 Laurie Jones and Rick Meckstroth won both sets, 6-3 and 7-5, in a very close match against Colleen Marley and Steve Ferrone. 

Court 3 - Team 1 Scott Levin and Chris Gerkin lost the first set to Terry Pearcy and Bart Brody, 5-7.   In the second set, team 1 won 6-3.   In a close tie breaker, team 1 won 10-6. 

Court 4 - Debra London and Joseph Blanco won both sets against Pat Meiers and John Delcolle 6-0, and 6-4.



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