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Spring, 2018 TLTA League Scores

Thursday, 5/10/2018:  Team Marley/Degooyer (Home Team) versus Team Wright.

What a great night for Tennis and the competition was very tough and close.  There were set tie breakers on courts 2 and 3 and courts 1, 2, and 3 all went to a tie breaker set.

Court 1 - (Team Marley/Degooyer) Debbie Cumbow/Rusty Woody took on (Team Wright) Kelly Priestly and Bruno Barbaro. Team Marley/Degooyer won the first set in a tough fight 6-3. The second set Team Wright came back strong and won by 2-6. In the tie breaker set Team Wright fought off Team Marley/Degooyer with drop shots and lob shots to win.

Court 2 - (Team Marley/Degooyer) Colleen Marley and Terry Bannon took on (Team Wright) Janie Ehmig and Jim Doyel. Team Wright struck first by winning the first set 3-6. But Team Marley/Degooyer came back tough and won the second set in a tie breaker.  In the set tie breaker Team Wright jumped out to a 5-0 lead and hung on to win the tie breaker.

Court 3 - (Team Marley/Degooyer) Terry Pearcy and Bart Brody took on (Team Wright) Tricia Hixson and Dave Hixson. The first set was very close and went to Team Marley/Degooyer in a tie breaker 7-6. The second set Team Wright came on strong and won 4-6. In the match tie breaker Team Marley/Degooyer hung on to win.

Court 4 - (Team Marley/Degooyer) Riley Woody and John Del Colle took on (Team Wright) Marsha and Steve Standridge. Team Wright won the first set 2-6. In the second set was tight but Team Wright won 3-6.


Tuesday, 5/8/2018:  Team 3 = Colleen Marley/Pana Degooyer  (Home Team)  Team 1 = Rick Meckstroth/Dave Gallelli  

Court 1 - Team 3 David Case and Colleen Marley defeated Kelly Priestly and Scott Levin 6-1, 7-5 in a very competitive match.  After a slow start, it looked like Kelly and Scott might tie it up when it was 5-5 in the second set, but a few crucial plays made the difference in a tight struggle.
Court 2 - Team 3, Pana and Mark Sodemann defeated Richard Cross and Maria Grimm in a long battle, the longest of all the court matches.  Final score was 6-3, 6-4.   Lots of long rallies, as Pana and Mark returned shot after shot, from the equally consistent Richard and Maria.  But in the end the robot performances of Pana and Mark prevailed, to give them the victory. 
Court 3 - Team 3, Jane Smith and John DelColle lost in a close match to Judy and Tom Gibbons.  4-6, 6-7  Jane and John put up very competitive play, which came down to a second set tie breaker.   John, who will be 90 years old in December, played like a teenager, with strong serves and deep returns throughout the match.  The Gibbons husband and wife team has a strong record of solid play which won through after a long and entertaining match.
Court 4 - Team 3 Riley Woody and Terry Bannon defeated Laura Champagney and David Gallelli, 6-3, 6-3,   Terry played with an injured wrist, which did not seem to negatively impact his strong top-spin returns.  Riley gets stronger and more consistent every season, she is improving her game rapidly.  Laura and David both had solid performances, but a few key points made the difference. 



Tuesday, 5/1/2018:  Team Wright versus Team Marley/Degooyer.

Court 1 - (Team Wright) Kelly Priestly and Jim Doyel took on (Team Marley/Degooyer) Debbie Cumbow and Rusty Woody. Team Wright took the first set 6-4 but Team Marley/Degooyer was not giving up.  The second set went to (Team Marley/Degooyer) in a back and forth very close 6-7.  In the tie breaker Team Wright, again in a very close match,  won.

Court 2 - (Team Wright) Janie Ehmig and Randy Hooker took on (Team Marley /Degooyer) Jane Smith and Mark Sodemann. First set was 6-4 and the second set was 6-2.

Court 3 - (Team Wright) Barbara Eidenmuller and Larry Byrkit took on (Team Marley /Degooyer) Terry Pearcy and David Foote. . First set was 6-3 and the second set was 6-1.

Court 4 - (Team Wright) Deb London and Jack Wright took on (Team Marley /Degooyer). Again this was a very close match with at times both teams being down. Team Marley/Degooyer won the first set 4-6, but the second set went to Team Wright 6-4.  Team Wright came thru in the tie breaker and won.


Monday, 4/30/2018:  Rain makeup for 4/24.  Team 1 (Rick Meckstroth/Dave Gallelli- Home team) played Team 2 (Jack Wright)

Court 1 - Team 1 Debby Cumbow and Scott Levin defeated Team 2 Kelly Priestley and Jim Doyel  6-3,  7-5  a very close match.
Court 2 - Team 1 Cris Girken and Richard Cross lost to Team 2 Janie Ehmig and Randy Hooker,  3-6, 1-6, Janie and Randy are a very strong team.
Court 3 - Team 1 Laurie Jones and Rick Meckstroth defeated Team 2 Barb Eidenmuller and John Rosenberg, 6-1, 6-2. 
There were a lot of long rallies. Good quality tennis.
Court 4 - Team 1 Laura Champagney and Brad Barberee lost to Team 2, Debra London and Jack Wright 4-6, 6-1, 0-1 in a tie breaker.  A nail biter, could have gone either way.


Thursday, 4/26/2018:  Team 1 = Rick Meckstroth/Dave Gallelli  (Home Team)    Team 3 = Colleen Marley/Pana Degooyer 

 Court 1 - Team 1, Debby Cumbow and Richard Cross won by forfeit against team 3 David Case and Kim Woody, since David and Kim are both 4.0's on a 7.5 court, and no advanced notice was provided by team 3 captains to Team 1 captains, such that Team 1 could have gotten a 4.0 male player. 6-0, 6-0.
Court 2 - Team  1, Judy and Tom Gibbons lost to  team 3  Pana and Mark Sodemann   4-6, 2-6   
Court 3 - Team 1, Chris Gerkin and Rick Meckstroth defeated Terry Pearcy and Bart Brody, 6-4, 4-6, 1-0, in a final match 10 point tie breaker.  The tie breaker score shifted back and forth several times before a close win by team 1.  
Court 4 - Team 1 Kathy Porcello and Brad Barberee won by forfeit against Pat Meiers and John Delcolle when John was unable to attend due to an important conflict.  6-0, 6-0 

Tuesday, 4/24/2018:  Rained out.


Thursday, 4/19/2018:  No writeup.


Tuesday, 4/17/2018:  No writeup.


Thursday, 4/12/2018:  Team #2 (Wright) played as the HOME team vs. Team #1 (Meckstroth).  Each team won 2 courts.

Court 1 - Team #2 won by forfeit 6-0, 6-0.
Court 2 - Team #2 (Randy Hooker and Janie Ehmig) defeated Team #1 (Rick Meckstroth and Judy Anderson (sub)) 6-3, 6-2.
Court 3 -  Team #2 (Dave and Tricia Hixson) was defeated by Team #1 (Tom and Judy Gibbons) via a 3rd set tie-break 6-2, 6-7, 0-1.
Court 4 -  Team #2 (Mike McLemore and Dori McFarland (sub)) was defeated by Team #1 (Joseph Blanco and Kathy Williamson) 1-6, 2-6.

Tuesday, 4/10/2018:  Team #2 (Wright) played as the HOME team vs. Team #3 (Marley/DeGooyer).  Each team won 2 courts.

Court 1 - Team #2 won by forfeit 6-0, 6-0.
Court 2 - Team #2 (Randy Hooker and Barb Eidenmuller) was defeated by Team #3 (Mark Sodemann and Pana DeGooyer) 2-6, 3-6.
Court 3 -  Team #2 (Dave and Tricia Hixson) was defeated by Team #3 (Steve Ferrone and Jane Smith) via a 3rd set tie-break 6-2, 3-6, 0-1.
Court 4 -  Team #2 (John Rosenberg and Debra London) defeated Team #3 (David Foote and Pat Meiers) 6-0, 6-1.


Thursday, 4/5/2018:  Meckstroth (team1) versus Degooyer/Marley (team 3).

Courts 1 & 2 - team 1 defaulted because they could not get 4.0 and 3.5 female subs. 
Court 3 - team 1 Janet Reed and Rick Meckstroth lost to Jane Smith and Steve Ferrone.  Team 1 won the first set 6-2, but lost the second, 3-6.  Then team 3 won the 10 point tie breaker.  Both male players were left handed, which extended the play time considerably.  
Court 4 - team 1 Kathy Porcello and Brad Barberee won both sets against team 3 Terry Bannon and Pat Meiers  6-4 and 7-5.


Tuesday, 4/3/2018:   Meckstroth (team 1) versus Wright (team 2).

Court 1 - Team 1 Kim Woody, a sub for Debby Cumbow, and Scott Levin barely won over Team 2 Randy Hooker and Kelly Priestley, in a close match.
Court 2 - Team 1 Rick Meckstroth and Maria Grimm won 2 close sets against John Rosenberg, 7-5 and 7-6.  The second set tie breaker was close to the end, the match could have gone either way by a point.  
Court 3 - Team 1 Tom and Judy Gibbons won 2 sets against Steve and Marsha Standridge in a long match, 7-5, 6-3.
Court 4 - Team 1 defaulted, due to not being able to supply a 3.0 female player.  An exhibition match was played, with Team 1 Brad Barberee and Laurie Jones against Jack Wright and Debra London.  Team 1 won the exhibition match that didn't count. 

Thursday, 3/29/2018:  Rained out.


Tuesday, 3/27/2018:   No writeup.


Thursday, 3/22/2018:  Team 1 Wright (home) versus Team 2 Meckstroth

Court 1 - (Team Wright) Kelly Priestly and Bruno Barbaro took on (Team Meckstroth) Kim Woody and Richard Cross. Team Wright took the first set 6-2 but Team Meckstroth was not giving up.  The second set went to Team Meckstroth 2-6.  In the tie breaker Team Meckstroth won.

Court 2 - (Team Wright) Janie Ehmig and Randy Hooker took on (Team Meckstroth) Laurie Jones and Dave Gallelli. This match also came down to a 10 point tie breaker. First set was 6-4 and the second set was 2/6. The 10 point tie breaker this time went to  Team Wright.

Court 3 - (Team Wright) Barbara Eidenmuller and John Rosenberg took on (Team Meckstroth) Judy and Tom Gibbons. Both matches were very close with each team matching the other team but in the end Team Meckstroth won 4-6, 4-6.

Court 4 - (Team Wright) Marsha and Steve Standridge took on (Team Meckstroth). Again this was a very close match with at times both team being down. In the end Team Wright won 7-5, 7-5.


Tuesday, 3/20/2018:   Rained out.


Thursday, 3/15/2018:  Team 1 Captains Meckstroth/Gallelli (home)  against Team 3, Pana Degooyer/Collen Marley.

Court 1 - Home team 1 Debbie Cumbow and Richard Cross won the first set 6-2.  But in the second set Team 3 Pana Degooyer and Mark Sodermann won 6-4.  The subsequent tie breaker was very close, with Pana and Mark winning it, 11-9, to win the court match.   

Court 2 - Team 1 Laurie Jones and Rick Meckstroth won both sets, 6-3 and 7-5, in a very close match against Colleen Marley and Steve Ferrone. 

Court 3 - Team 1 Scott Levin and Chris Gerkin lost the first set to Terry Pearcy and Bart Brody, 5-7.   In the second set, team 1 won 6-3.   In a close tie breaker, team 1 won 10-6. 

Court 4 - Debra London and Joseph Blanco won both sets against Pat Meiers and John Delcolle 6-0, and 6-4.


Tuesday, 3/13/2018:  Team 1 Captains Meckstroth/Gallelli (home) against Team 2, Jack Wright.

Court 1 - Home team 1 Scott Levin and Maria Grimm struggled against a strong opposition from Jack Wright's team 2 Bruno Barbaro & Kelly Priestley. Final score was a strong win for team 2, 6-2, 6-1.  
Court 2 - Team 1's Chris Gerkin and Rick Meckstroth were beaten by Janie Ehmig and Jim Doyel 4-6, 4-6. 
Court 3 - Team 1's Judy and Tom Gibbons beat Dave and Trica Hixon, 6-4, 6-4.
Court 4 - Team 1's Laura Champagney and Brad Barberee lost the first set to team 2 Jack Wright and Marsha Standridge 3-6, but team 1 won the second set 6-4.  Team 2 won the tie breaker and won the match.



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