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President’s Message to TLTA Members for 2016

It has again been my privilege to serve as your President this past year and for the past two years.  This has been another great year, and we are pleased that you chose to join us as a member of TLTA.

We celebrated our year on Friday evening, November 18th, with our Annual Banquet at Rarity Bay Country Club.  It was well attended and enjoyed by all.  Fred Bonney, familiar to most of us as the man who started TLTA back in 2006, was honored at the Banquet with a Plaque and renaming of the annual Fall TLTA Tournament as the “Fred Bonney Tournament”.  You can find a short tribute to Fred and his many contributions to our sport and especially to TLTA on our Website at

During our recent election, you elected two new Board members and reelected Jack Wright for a second term.  The two new Board members are David Foote from Rarity Bay and Dave Case who lives in Wind River.  Going into the new year, your Board members and Officers will be;

Steve Ferrone, President

Jack Wright, Vice President

Janet Reed, Secretary

David Foote, Treasurer

Kelly Priestley

Allex Loyless

Larry Byrkit

Dave Case

Tellico Lake Tennis Association belongs to you, our members, and your Board works hard to make certain your membership is one of your most enjoyable and meaningful experiences.  In an effort to encourage you to provide feedback to your Board, we have a button on our Website’s Main Menu entitled “Give Us Your Input”.  Tell us how we are doing and what you would like to see us do differently.  All comments will receive a response from the Board.  In addition, our Website contains constantly changing and updated information, a Calendar of Events for 2017, and a registration form to renew your membership for 2017.  Please add to your favorites and check us out often to see what’s new.

We have no paid staff and we operate on a very lean budget with minimal overhead.   We always need League Captains and volunteers to help with our events, so please don’t hesitate to get involved so we can continue to keep your Annual Dues and Event Fees as low as possible.  Board members and other volunteers will assist you as necessary.  If you are already volunteering, we sincerely thank you; TLTA would not exist without you.  And, last but not least, thanks for being a TLTA member!


Larry Byrkit


Tellico Lake Tennis Association